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The Basketball Tournament Prediction Extravaganza is an international prediction competition among basketball fans based upon the Annual Men's College Basketball Tournament. We feel the clean family humor, salty wit and sarcasm, and interesting year-to-year statistics make the 'Ganza, as we affectionately call it, one of the most enjoyable tournament contests on the Internet. We hope you join us and come to the same conclusion.

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Final 2024 'Ganza Standings!

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'Ganza Statistics Have Been Updated Through the 2023 'Ganza !!!

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Although the format is similar to an office "pool," the Extravaganza is NOT a pool -- no prize money is awarded! In fact, our trademarked slogan is"This Ain't No Pool!" The prognosticator who scores the most points in the 'Ganza is awarded the Coveted Ostertag Plaque, one of the finest examples of laminated pressboard available and easily the most talked about sports award in my house. The Ostertag Plaque has often been mentioned in the same sentence as the Lombardi Trophy and the Stanley Cup. Especially if you read the previous sentence out loud. 'Ganza Prognosticators are eligible to win the handsome Ostertag Plaque, named after former University of Kansas center Greg Ostertag. Prognosticators also have their scores maintained in our humongous historical database, and they are analyzed in our very interesting statistics

Please take a look at some of our other pages for more information, the history and faq pages are probably the most informative. Or if you'd like a warm fuzzy response from the Benevolent Grand Pooh-Bah himself, please feel free to contact us.

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